Koppert Peru


Koppert Peru

04 febrero 2020

Koppert Biological Systems has updated its Peru website. As the family company has continued its international expansion and due to the extensive variety of crops, challenges, and products specific to each country, it has become necessary to provide more customized content on our websites. The new website has a new ‘Solution Finder’ tool that offers growers a conveniently arranged overview of local crop, product, and challenge combinations. This helps visitors of our website to easily find the right solution for their crop. The specific pests and diseases pages are designed to provide a clear overview of the pest or disease. The grower can easily identify the pest or disease through close-up photos, images of damage symptoms, videos, and illustrations of the life cycles. The product page explains how the Koppert products work. Our popular videos of our beneficials show a detailed analysis of how the pests are controlled. The new website aims to share the knowledge that Koppert has gathered over the past 50 years with growers. Koppert believes that sharing this knowledge plays an important part in achieving a 100% sustainable agricultural and horticultural sector that works together with nature.

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